Study: Water Contaminant Can Cause Cancer

Now that I am on the health topic, here is another interesting news:
Cancer Risk From Industrial Chemical Rises, Study Finds
Study: Water Contaminant Can Cause Cancer

"Trichloroethylene, or TCE, is widely found in drinking water. California has some of the nation's worst contamination."

I should read more on this. By now I have a strong impression that CA water is not really safe for drinking. Or I guess Santa Clara water. Starting from this report I've seen on the news how it's known to increase infertility (supported by a proper study, indeed). The one above goes in same direction, though cancer is even nore dangerous.
Well, I don't like the taste of the water here anyways. So buying water sounds best.

Ah, here is a bit more of the info. Here we go, Santa Clara is mentioned in particular...

After a detailed study of the most widespread industrial contaminant in U.S. drinking water, the National Research Council will report today that evidence is growing stronger that the chemical causes cancer and other human health problems.

The 379-page report clears a path for federal regulators to formally raise the risk assessment of trichloroethylene, known as TCE, a step that has been tied up by infighting between scientists at the Environmental Protection Agency and the Defense Department.

California has some of the nation's worst TCE contamination, including vast tracts of groundwater in the San Gabriel and San Fernando valleys that are a drinking source for more than 1 million Southern Californians. The state's 67 Superfund sites with TCE contamination are clustered in Los Angeles and Santa Clara counties.

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