Health news: Scorpion venom for cancer treatment. Me: the importance of biological diversity

A nice example of why biological diversity is useful and necessary:

Venom protein may lead to brain cancer cure- study

"The study showed that a synthetic version of a protein found in the venom of giant yellow Israeli scorpions targeted tumor cells but did not harm the healthy cells of brain cancer patients.

"We're testing a new agent that has a lot of potential for patients who have had no meaningful treatments thus far," said Dr. Adam Mamelak, lead author on an article to appear in the August issue of the Journal of Clinical Oncology. "
Other researchers are investigating whether a protein in snake venom can stop bleeding and whether Gila monster venom can treat diabetes. They also have developed a painkiller based on the venom of a deadly sea snail.

I think this is the scorpion we r talking about.

Cool, no? Who would have imagined that scorpion venom would be useful for saving people's life? The least who would have imagined it say a century ago?
Shall I mention about one century in the future...

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